Thursday, 6 February 2014

Trip to London for Nanoknife

Rob and me went to London today, this was to find out if I was able to have the Nano-knife procedure. 

Nanoknife is only available privately and not on the NHS and only available in London. We have come to see if it would be possible to have the procedure, this involves electrocuting the tumour to kill it. This means another scan and I always get nervous about having scans, the tumour is on the liver and is about 2cm, so you get scared it's grown or spread.

Pancreatic Cancer Action was on the radio about its new adverts with its slogan: "I wish I had testicular cancer" and also "I wish I had breast cancer" on LBC

I was interviewed on the way down to London after the gentleman who had testicular cancer and said it was disgusting, at this point the interviewer said we are going to talk to Carl next and he has pancreatic cancer and it may be a good thing to bring us both on to say our point of view, I am happy to say that they didn't do that, as that may of been slightly awkward.

I said that all cancers are terrible, but testicular has a 97% chance of survival when Pancreatic cancer as a 3% chance. I wish I had no cancer, but I wish I had the percentage of survival that testicular as. 

Also if the advert said "I wish I had no cancer" then no one would be talking about it on the radio and it needs more media attention due to not changing in the past 20 years. 

There has been mixed views on the subject on twitter about this.

We arrived in London, an hour before the meeting with Professor Leen at Hammersmith Hospital. I always get so nervous in hospitals. Professor Leen was really lovely, he made me feel at ease. I first had ultra sound, and noting was found, then there was ultra sound again but with dye.

The tumour was found, and this is the video of it, it is the round black shape in the top left, it has not grown, it is still 2cm, so far it had not spread, and it's not around anywhere dangerous so they are able to do the procedure. It's costing 13,000 pound. luckily I do have cover.

Rob and myself are throwing everything at it, and I will keep blogging to pass on to others the conclusions. 

But for now, it's good news. 

Also, thank you to you all reading my random blurs! The blog is getting around 200 to 600 hits a day, and I enjoy writing it, it helps me to put it all down. 

So, thank you, 

Carl x


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