Friday, 2 January 2015

CT Scan results

Thank you to all of your support, the messages we get do give us strength, so just wanted to say, a very very big thank you.

I had the CT scan, due to it been Christmas time we could not get one on the NHS Until the 12th January, so I went private and had one on the 29th Dec at Nuttfields hospital.

Now to be fair to the NHS, within the 29th to the 14th, I don't think the situation would have changed much, but at the same time what helps me and also Rob and my family is been proactive about it all, it just makes you feel a bit more in control of the situation.

My surgery in London, Proff Leen made the request to see the scan to see if there was anything he could do, like he did last time. To use type of Nano-knife technology (ablation) to cook and kill the tumour.

I had a copy of the scan on disk and the day after we then sent it to Prof Leen in London (this was at 4pm) Prof. Leen was also on holiday so I was surprised when at 8pm that night he called me with the results. I must admit I am a fan of Proff Leen.

It looks like I have a 2cm tumour on my liver, and also a small second tumour, with maybe a possible third. 

Of course I wanted to hear, it's all a mistake and there's nothing, but with the pain I have been in, I knew there was something.  

But, due to where it is, I can try again. 

So, this involves going back on chemo, and then Harley Street. He thinks it works best while on chemo, so I have to call them today and start that again. 

I always knew the chances where high it probably would come back. I wish they didn't. But right now I'm glad that at least it can be done something with.  

Slightly off course there's a BBC article on the web today about  cancers (pancreatic) been down to just bad luck. I have always blamed myself, reading this article, I guess it's time to stop blaming myself and just get on with doing what I have to do to survive. 

I feel angry about it this time, I had so many plans with Market Wraps for the new year, we was starting a new business and everything was set up. I haven't given up yet on the plans, but may be just a slight delay.

Yet again, thank you for all of your support. I hope you don't mind but they will be more blog posts as it helps to get my head around it all, and it just keeps everyone in the loop too.

Happy new year too! 

Carl xxx


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