Saturday, 1 February 2014

Reaction to chemo


I did want to do a more upto date blog article.  I was going to have chemo and then after write what the chemo was like, but sadly I fitted into the 5% that had a bad reaction to them.

I even planned to do a picture every day of the changes to me and what the effects of chemo can have (in my head i was going to re-enact the person on youTube signing and dancing in the chemo ward attached to a drip while dancing to a Kelly Clarkson song) but believe me i was unable to lift my head off the pillow, never mind smile for a selfy!

I can not really remember what it was like, after having my treatment all was well until i got home,
thinking back it's all bit of a blur but first there was sickness, a lot of sickness. I did not eat before the chemo and i wish i did, i felt that maybe i should not have had chemo on a empty stomach. The sickness is grim, like i said i did fall into the 5% that have a reaction so if you are reading this and about to have chemo for the first time, try and not to worry.

The sick was green! a very bile sickness, it was not nice. I had to go back into hospital and I think I was there for about 3 days, but yet again i am not sure. I was in and out of sleep.

My visitors probably regretted visiting due to the high costs of the Yorkshire Cancer Centre car park and the lack of communcation out of me (on the other hand this may of been a blessing).

It was nice to get back home, but then the diarrhoea started, and at this point of reading this blog, you probably will be thinking why didn't I read the blog about flower arranging or something a little more plesent.

So back to the hospital it was for another 3 days, the good news is each night i stay in hospital  I get paid due to my private health care, which is almost getting to be my full time job these days.

The nurses had a welcome back party for me (which i was so out of it the first time I went in I could not remember what i had said, or who they all were) but still, there were really caring.

If you ever want your own room in hosptial just say you have diarrhoea and you will get your own private en suite room, this does come with a warning, the only down side is your not allowed to leave the room, and after 3 days you do realise why the windows don't open.

Another 3 days in hospital and i started to come back to the land of the living. When your sick after chemo, you really appreciate the time when your not sick.

The next time I have chemo there are going to fill me with sickness drugs, i am hoping that all will be better the next time around than this.

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