Tuesday, 4 February 2014

How to wind a vegan up!

After my operation last year, i was told i will now start to eat only small but often, and i do eat often, but i also eat a lot which at least I have got one of those things right.

Now people in my situation hang on to any hope they can get there hands on, and I had heard about this thing that people call "healthy eating" but to be honest Im not really into those faddy ideas and I prefire to stick to lard thank you very much, but when I met this lady in the chemo award and she told me about moving on to a diet that is vegan and with that her tumor had shrunk, me and Rob my partner decided to do the same.

Now i must admit, I can not really call it vegan, as very occasionally we do eat fish and organic chicken for protean, but if I get frustrated by my situation then the best therapy is find a vegan, tell them you are vegan, and then tell them you eat chicken and fish (its like lighting up a touch paper on a firework) and sometimes a right good argument does you the world of good, and due to the lack of meat, they have less energy to argue there point so you can usually win! A vegan on the internet said I had a ugly soul when i purposeless told her this, which I think is a bit strong for eating a bit of chicken but there you go!

So, the future is nut cutlets! and I must admit, I have really enjoying it so far, we have been a bit more adventures with veg so instead of just boiling some carrots we have added loads of flavorings to the veg (when i say flavorings i don't mean 'beef!') and we are both plesently surprised!

But, when we have gone out for food, it has been disappointing, we went to a vegan restaurant and ordered mushroom stroganoff (and when i was ordering it due to my dyslexic head, all i could read was beef stroganoff which had the vegan effect yet again!)

Do you know when your hungry and you want to fool yourself that your enjoying something, so our first mouthful we both said it was nice, but the 2nd we realised it tasted like dishwater, after pouring on a ton of salt and adding high blood preasure to my list of issues i have right now, i could taste it.

We have been to a few vegan/vegi cafes now and some are OK, but only one as been great and that was Prashad in Drighlington, which is an Indian restaurant and was a pleasure to go into a Indian restaurant and pick anything off the menu (the starters are amazing).

While I am on this rant, when you go to other restaurant and look at there vegetarian range, some can be really poor too. When you go to Franky and Benny's and order a vegetarian breakfast its like a normal breakfast without the bacon and saussage! not a vegi burger or vegi saussage in sight.

I have also been having supplements which I will talk about next time.

If you want any reference on why the hell I have given up meat, read this:



Dietary Fat, Especially From Red Meat, Dairy, Linked To Pancreatic Cancer

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  1. Haha you are so funny Carl! have you tried Paleo? That might help too? How do you cope without meat its all you sell hehe -manjits is Veggie btw!! xx