Sunday, 2 February 2014

Hair loss

A friend came to see me today and we were sat at the kitchen table when i looked down and saw some hair (which i thought was a bit minging).  I had just cleaned the kitchen so could not understand it.

I carried on talking and saw some hair in my eyes, i pulled it away and touched my head, the next this, half my hair fell out.

Now, i knew i would have hair loss, and it doesn't really bother me, there are bigger things to worry  about, but i didn't realise it would happen as dramatic as it did.

Its a bit like having a spot, you know you should not play with it, but you can not help yourself and each time i touched my head a shower of hair seem to fall down.

I decided to wash my hair and then brush it, not sure why as i haven't brushed my hair for 30 years, but it felt itchy.

I have been wearing a hat most of the night, and i was not going to put these photos on, but then i thought, what is the point of writing a blog about pancreatic cancer and the effects when i am going to hide what happens, and to be fair I'm glad i got to photo 4 and didn't stick to photo 3 for long!

This morning, when i noticed the hair falling

After washing it (the Rooney look) 

After drying it (the chuckle brother look)

after brushing it,  (the breaking bad look)

I did not realise that this would happen all in a day, and the lack of hair makes my ears look even bigger! I am not in pain, and i am not feeling sick. I did say it would not bother me losing my hair and it doesn't but the way it happened is quite symbolic and i think that is what upsets you more than the hair loss its self.  I am not sure if it is just hair loss or if i will also loss my facial hair, if i do I can at least pencil in some large expressive eyebrowes and freak people out in shopping centres purely for  entertainment, or when I'm angry i can pencil them slightly pointy. 


  1. Your a brave man and so inspiring this blog will help others around u maybe coming to terms with hair loss x

  2. I was going to say "On the plus side, you're now more aerodynamic" but then I remembered about the ears ;-)

    Great blog mate. Keep it up

    1. When i first read your comment Anthony i thought you put academic!

  3. Reading stories like yours gives hope to other sufferers. Such a terrible disease with little support and help apart from learning and gaining information from others.

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