Saturday, 19 October 2013

The work do!

Last night was the work Christmas do! It was a good night! I work with people that are not just my co-workers, they are also my friends. I did not drink as much as I would of usually drink, as it prob won't be good for my insides and emotionally I'm not sure what I would be like, also on many other work do, I end up dancing and making a prat of myself on a table.

So I ended up drinking slowly, there as been many of new feeling and experience lately and drinking
Slowly was one of them!, as I watched my friends go from sober to, well not so sober, it was nice to take a back seat and instead of jumping up and down to shaking Stevens and his one and only hit, to watch everyone else do it.

There was tears, not mine this time, but some of my work friends, I think the whole experience of this as made me realise that, away from who we are and what we think and what we own, we are all the same.

Throughout all of this in the past few week, I have been told how lucky I have been, this may sound bad, but I have never felt lucky! When I was told I could be operated, I think there is only a few that can be, it is ussual too late, but with the cloud of  'it could always come back' I have questioned how can this be lucky, but as I watched everyone enjoying themselfs, and people opening up more, and enjoying the Christmas party, I had a bit of a moment, and I realised why I was lucky, simply because I was lucky to be there.

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