Saturday, 22 December 2012

My first chemo

This was wrote in December 2012

Well, I was very quiet driving up for my first chemo injection, but it was ok, the nurse said I won't see the side effects for two days, but as for now, all is ok.

It was in a ward where they were about 6 armchairs with curtains around, like a normal ward but without beds.

The nurse said it is a very different word when your not used to it, it is, it's strange how we all pop in, sit down, get injected with poison, and then leave, but the people in there seem really nice.

When you tell people that you had/have cancer people can react in a way that they don't know what to say, I don't blame them, I would probably be like that myself, but in that ward, it's normal, so I was taken back slightly when a patients parter asked what type of cancer did I have, she also said I sat the same way as her jack russell, nice!

The nurse also said its an eye opener in there, it's is, as it seems quite a mix bag of people, mix ages etc.

I'm on two types of chemo due to been on a trial, the trial is called ESPAC-4 which is a mixture of drugs gemcitabine (this is injected) and with Capecitabine which is in tablet form.

There was also anti sickness drug which I had to take, the nurse said it may make my bum feel itchy! The only feeling I had was a sensation in my balls!

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