Monday, 17 December 2012


There as been strange changes in me in the past few weeks, materialist goods don't seem that needed anymore.  It is Christmas and for the first time, I don't really need anything, I love gadgets, but as I look around currys, there is nothing that I really need or want.

Also another change, the things that used to stress me dont anymore, stressed at work? Get cancer! It does change your prospective on things, I feel in certain situations I'm more calm.

Me and my partner, we have never really argued, well, not much, but now, there is no point to arguing, we get wound up still, I guess more about the situation,  but somehow it feels it has made us even more closer.

Also, at the beginning it drove me  mad, from when I woke up to when I went to bed, the situation was always on my mind, and though out the day processed the information over and over again, that hasn't changed, but I guess learning to live with it has, it seems to get easer.

There as been some changes in others too, some people can not deal with it at all, I haven't heard much from them since this, I understand that, they are not sure what to say so it's easer to just not say anything.

There are also physical changes, I lost at the most 3 stone.  I would of discribed myself has stocky now I am very slim. I have started to put weight back on.

I guess the key to all this is ride Throghout all of the changes, because whatever changes happen, physical or mentally, with me or with others. Behind it all, everyone are still the same.

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