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Can you kill your own cancer?

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I have recently had an opportunity  to meet a food expect and ask two questions - can diet prevent cancer? and if it can, can diet also kill cancer?

I have asked this question before, can I do anything that will help to survive? its a question that usually gets the silence treatment so I was surprised when she said that there is evidence to say yes.

Just by chance, a friends Mum very kindly sent me a memory stick with the Ketogentic diet. If you have or have had cancer, you will know that all your family and friends will start to send you the latest miracle diet or cure, I have had everything now from - low carbs to no dairy diets, to bee stings cures. They all mean well, but sometimes you can feel bombarded by information. 

If you search on the internet for any cancer cure you find out that suddenly everything is a cure! and sometimes (for the right money!) you don’t need chemo, just a bottle of this!

I have started to look at the ketongentic diet and its seems very interesting. There are a lot of experts talking about this, and suddenly it doesn’t seem to be just the latest fad. 

I have now been on this diet for over a month now and I will tell you the results at the end of this article.

Below is a video of Dr. D'Agostino is an Assistant Professor at the University of South Florida College Of Medicine, Molecular Pharmacology & Physiology 

Here is a news article about a gentleman named Fred Hatfield, the doctor gave him unto 6 months to live, he had nothing to lose! so he went on the the Ketone diet and now is cancer free.

Here is a news article in the Daily mail

After been given 6 months to live, after giving up sugar and carbs, 2 years later he is still surviving.

Here are just some of the many 100s of articles on the internet about this diet.

It is not as difficult as it sounds, and to be honest I am not doing a strict version of it.  But I have cut down on carbs, I have a cheat day every week, but most meals don't involve bread, pasta, potatoes, and I don't have sugar anymore.

It seems harder when you go out, they seems to be little choice. I have started to work on different menu items for my street food business, The Market Wraps Allotment - here is our no flour, low carbs, gluten free bread buns. I will be bringing this from our next booking, and the choice is now on our private bookings too.

A photo posted by The Market Wraps allotment (@the_marketwraps_allotment) on

A month ago I was having scans on my brain as they thought that maybe my headache due to a spread to the brain, this was not the case, so they thought it maybe to do with my diabetes and my blood sugars been so high, this was also altering my mood, and I had started to take antidepressants.

I have now been on this diet for a month. My tumour blood count as gone from 6500 to 2300 - this is a 64% drop, my oncologist used the work "miracle". Do I think this is due to my diet? Well I am also on chemo, but I am keeping an open mind, but I do think the diet has helped with the side effects from the chemo.

I used to inject 20 units of insulin a day, I now inject 6. My blood sugar count was between 12 and 30! between 5 and 7 is normal for someone with diabetes.  Mine is now between  5 to 7 - an average drop of 70%

I don't really get headaches anymore, and there is also no need to take my antidepressant too, as this as lightened my mood.

The sickness of my fortnightly treatment usually last for around 7 days, I have been able to get out of bed early.


Can you kill your own cancer? I'm not sure, I'm going to keep an open mind and its worth a try, they does seem to be a lot of evidence out there that diet does have a lot to do with cancer,  the diet seems to be helping me anyway.

If you are on a ketone diet please let me know how your getting on.

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