Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Ct Scan

GIt is now just gone past midnight, I am in bed and I don't want to sleep as I know when I fall asleep I have to awake to my next chemo session.

I have not written in my blog for quite a bit of time, and I have had a couple of tweets asking if I was ok. All is good, thank you.

In the past week I went for my CT scan, which I was nervous about, this was the first CT scan after the treatment in London. This was the important one. 

I had my scan before the Easter holiday and I got my results after. The doctor told me that, on the scan the tumour looked like it had grown on first sight, but because of it's density it was not living. The tumour looked bigger due to the ablation I had in London, the Prof  burnt the  tumour  and the cells around it, which made it then look bigger on the scan. My ca-19 (tumour counter in the blood) had gone down to normal levels and they were no other tumours and due to this I could come off chemo if I wanted to, but they have recommend another 4.

This is big news, for now, I am cancer free, and It is big news as doctors have said that to be cancer free would  probably never be the case. 

Now, I understand that I am long way from a safe zone, and some people have asked does that mean an all clear, this is pancreatic, and sadly it doesn't work like that. 

But it (in theory) does take me back to where I was in December, so the next plan is to keep as healthy as I can, carry on and do as many of the 4 chemo sessions I can take. 

I spoke with the charity Pancreatic Cancer UK today, they are a great charity and I have never felt alone due to them. 

They were equality happy about the results and said do I understand how "groundbreaking" this is. it was not really until that was said to me, I realised how important this procedure is.

The procedure I have had is not on the NHS, now, if this works, and I stay healthy and fit, this could be proof that it is worthy of the NHS, it is available for other cancers, but not for secondary pancreatic cancer.

So it's back on with the healthy eating as I have slipped recently and looking forward to booking an holiday very soon. Chemo  finishes on the 5th June and then I would have another CT scan.   


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