Tuesday, 18 March 2014


I work myself up when waiting for results, anxiety takes over.  The doctors are trained on how to give bad news, so you always know when it is about to happen (they seem to slow down and prepare you before revealing the news).

I get scanned next week to find out how successful the Radio frequency ablation was.

But, by axcident I have been given some results already.

My blood gets tested, at the start it was every 3 months, and now i think its every 2 weeks, this is called CA19-9 and every this below 32 is classed as normal.

When I got the call in December to say that they thought the cancer had come back, my reading was 90, a few weeks later it was 230, after that, I did not really want to know what the reading was, so I ignored it, and I think the doctors knew this as they stopped telling me.

Anyway! I am glad (shocked) to say that i found out yesterday that 2 weeks ago it had gone down to 78, this was after the treatment in London. I had a new test yesterday and I have just got the results from my GP, its now 31!

So, whatever we are doing, if its the treatment in London, or the chemo, or a vegan meal, or sucking on a lemon, whatever it is, it seems to be working, and for now, I am buzzing at the news!

Its chemo tomorrow, and you know what, I'm not scared, actually I am now looking forward. I suddenly see it has a friend, ok a badly behaved one, but still a friend.


  1. Hi Carl, Fantastic news, Hope chemo is going well today, thinking of you and Rob. Tracy is getting very brave now and even reads your blogs which make her smile. Love to you both. Annette & Co xxxx

  2. Thanks Annette and family xxxx

  3. Fantastic news Carl, so so pleased.
    love Jayne

  4. Great news Carl. Well done, you're positive attitude does you jusice. Love and prayers xxx (Petas neighbour and friend, Gaynor xxx

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments! And likes xxxx