Friday, 22 April 2016

Results from scan

Results day is always a strange day. It's stressful, and the build up to it is also stressful. Conversation is normal. Shall we go for breakfast? Do you want to go for a coffee before we find out? What jobs have to be done after the hospital, and on the surface all is normal, but there is noting normal about results day.

You sit in the waiting room and talk to the nurses that now have become friends, you try and read there faces, do they know? I drive myself silly at this point. 

So to those new on my blog, and to some of you that have found you have pancreatic cancer, I had a whipples procedure just over 3 years ago, and that worked, but it came back 6 months later, I am on my 4th time that pancreatic cancer has been visible. 

I have just finished my 4th set of chemo, and the results from the scan and looking at my tumour count, right now, there are no signs of any tumours. My tumors count as been up to the 3000 mark, anything below 34 is normal, right now it's 18.

The oncologist and nurses and all involved have managed it again, of course I am very thankful.

So life goes on, and with that, you walk way from the hospital, and all goes on as normal, I am currently looking for an holiday,  it is much needed! And I am pushing for a business's award, to fund a dream of mine to have a cafe, it's a long shot, but I have nothing to lose! I was on local radio a couple of days ago and local TV today but it seems I have slipped down to number 27th, so please if you could spare 2 mins and just click the VOTE button, that would be great, so thank you.

Stand up for cancer may be coming to see me next week, and hopefully will be helping towards there campaign this year.

Also, they are using the billboard picture again for cancer research around the country from June.

Thanks for all of your lovely messages, and thank you for your support too. 

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Latest (April 2016)

I haven't done an update for ages! I am sorry, it's been quite hard this time around. I have recently found out I am diabetic, this made me quite ill and I thought it was the chemo.

So, to go back! I had to go back on chemo again, they found 9 tumors on the liver. I also came off Facebook, there was a reason, but I know some people thought, oh where is he gone! I didn't want to make a big public statement about coming off and then a week later looking a fool as I would be back on!...Hello, I'm back again!

When you are ill, you don't leave the house, and the view of the outside world for me was via Facebook, now, I know there are more to people than what they put on Facebook! All I put on Facebook is things about cancer or my business, I like to think there are more to me than this (mmmm... Or maybe not!) When you see other peoples updates on Facebook, and you use Facebook to a window of the world, you suddenly get a very dis-jointed view of that world, I realised this was not an healthy way to live, and I also knew I still had a few weeks left of chemo, so I choose to come off it for a bit, I was turning cynical, and I did not want to do that.

Also, I knew I had a few weeks to do more on chemo, and to do this, I had to get my head down and get on with it.

This was the 4th cycle of chemo, the first few days are hard, but it gets easier. I have had 2 scans recently, one for the Proff in London to see if I could be ablated again, (tumor zapped using Nano-technology) and another which I haven't had the results of yet.

My tumor count in my blood, anything above 34 they are concerned about, mine went up towards 3000, but now, due to my oncologists and chemo, it as dropped to 29, they are very happy about this, and use words like amazing to describe the situation. On the scan a few weeks ago the 9 tumors I had had shrunk and only two was visible they have been ablated in London, and I am now waiting to find out the results. 

When it came back a couple of years ago, my doctors said there was nothing they could do, and there was no point of surgery as it would spread quickly, now, due to this unusual situation, I have been told by one of my oncologist that they are now looking into surgery, I am not sure what the outcome of this is, as I haven't seen my main oncologist yet, but I have contacted the Pancreatic cancer UK charity, and they have done looked into it and sent an email to me of questions I should ask, (Thanks Dianne) they have done amazing things, and really helped me, this surgery has been done before in China, so there are records of it, I just have to see what is offered. 

So... All is good!

This may sound strange, but I think cancer as given me more confidence! I know it shouldn't be that way, but I think it has! Don't get me wrong, I am feeling abit down right now and I also know that is due to the situation, but, well! If I can deal with this, I can deal with most stuff! 

And what better time to start a cafe! 

The competition is the Richard Branson Voom. 

If you could vote for me, that would be great! Here is my pitch...

Thank you..